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     We provide superior sharpening service to Kitsap, Lewis, Mason and Thurston counties.  We sharpen a large variety of blades, bits, knives and more.

     Our saw and tool sharpening service will keep your old quality blades and tools cutting like new, reducing your costs and saving you time.  Don't throw that dull blade, bit or knife away.  We will return it to you in like new or better condition for a fraction of the replacement cost.

     Tool re-sharpening has traditionally been among the most cost-effective, frugal ways to cut production and tool buying expenses.  It's also seen as the green way to conserve energy and reduce wasted materials.

     Almost anything that cuts, or needs a sharp edge to work properly can be resharpened.  A good example is a can opener.  Resharpening the cutting wheel or blade will make you think you have a new can opener, and for very little money.  The possibilities are endless.

     To save you additional money in fuel and time, (and because our shop is difficult to access and is very distant from the areas we serve) we have established a large network of convenient Drop Off Points where you can leave your to-be sharpened items and pick them up at a later time convenient for you.

     On site pickup and delivery is available for contractors and industrial customers.  These must meet certain criteria to qualify.